What is Starq?

Starq is simply where you see all of your work and projects at a glance and in one view. You have a collection of your most useful online tools and you're able to jot your notes, tasks and thoughts with a simple text area.

The thing is that for a workaholic, work is already pretty messy. What's the point getting a productivity if not to declutter the mess. That's exactly what Starq is. Starq blends just perfectly with the craze and madness of multitasking. It's just the right amount of essentials needed to keep you through the haystack of multitasking brought to you on a very simple interface (I mean, work is already messy right? we need simplicity please!!)

How to get started using Starq.

Just head over to Starq.pro, sign up for an account and there you have it (productivity at your fingertips).